Find the good

USD #371 Faculty and Staff:

This has been an exceptional year. Seems like the curve balls keep coming. Last week, I was in a low place and feeling down and then I read a quote that reminded me that the only person I can control is myself. Throughout the first semester, I told myself to focus on the Serenity Prayer and when things got tough this past week, how quickly I forgot!

So, I started thinking about all of the positives things happening at MES and SGHS and how blessed I am to work here and to serve this wonderful faculty, staff, students, and community. Here are a few things that I came up with with the help of some of the teachers.

  • We have teachers wearing numerous hats and wearing them all well. They are teaching multiple preps and subjects, sponsoring or coaching numerous organizations, and being remarkable parent(s) to their own children and spouses.

  • We have dedicated educators that continue to hone their craft and achieve gains with their students.

  • Our elementary staff is trained in Pathways, Dyslexia, and are incorporating STEAM in their


  • Our basketball teams both JH and HS are winning and representing great sportsmanship.

  • We have a student officiating basketball for his peers and his peers respect him!

  • We are getting ready to break ground on a new high school!

  • We have a generous community that supports our students.

  • We have a kitchen staff that a goes above and beyond for us and they get along well!

  • Eva does a great job with our concession stand.

  • We have a great “Steer a Year” program that supports our lunch program.

  • Our custodians work hard to keep our school clean and help with our events.

  • We have a care closet that supplies personal hygiene products to kids in need.

  • We have a Rebel closet that supplies Rebel attire to those who need some.

  • We have a school supply wall in case a student runs out of something they need for class.

  • We have started the 5th quarter for our students.

  • We have our own Rebel Brew coffee shop flex days.

  • We are seamlessly blending our novice teachers with our experienced teachers. Our former students

    are being welcomed back and our now respected colleagues.

  • We have 8 CTE pathways with Health Science being added this year.

  • Our students are focusing on careers and are job shadowing in careers of interest.

  • We are part of a consortium that is promoting students to come back to SW Kansas.

    With all of this being said, I am going to CHOOSE to be an eagle. I will soar with the best of them. I will remind myself to stay positive and leave the quacking to the ducks. Maybe 2021 wasn’t a good year and maybe 2022 hasn’t started off the best, but I believe the New Year will represent a fresh start.

    Have a great week. Let’s try to remember the good in others and the unending work we do everyday for our kids. You are so deeply appreciated and valued by me.

    Mrs. Batman