USD #371 News

The past two weeks have been full of activities at SGHS. Our vocal and band both participated in the league festival and both received I’s. In fact, the band almost received a perfect score from one of the judges. That is impressive. We also had students compete in State Piano as well as forensics and scholar bowl.

Winter sports are winding down. Our Lady Rebels played their final game last Friday. Talk about a team that rolled with the punches. They fought injuries all year, but finished strong with one of their best performances. Ms. Stilwell was grateful for the support from the band, the student section, and the fans. Our boys will play on Thursday. If you are in the area, come out and support them as they take on the Minneola Wildcats at 7:30.

Parent Teacher Conferences: Next Tuesday, March 8th, we will be holding Parent Teacher Conferences for the elementary students. Parents, you should have received OR will be receiving a scheduled time. Please call Kelli if there are any changes that need to be made. We will also have Parent Teacher Conferences the same day for the SGHS students! Your student(s) will be contacting you to schedule a time that is convenient. The high school students will be sharing their portfolio with you and will be talking to you about school, their future goals, the pathways they are enrolled in, etc. This is required for our KESA accreditation process, so please plan to attend. The PTO will be serving supper that evening in the commons and I am sure they would appreciate your support. This will be an exciting day and a wonderful way for the students and teachers to share with you what they have been doing in their classrooms.

Kansas Education Systems Accreditation (KESA): We are being accredited THIS year - NOT next year. Our paperwork has us scheduled for next year, but the state has us down for this year. We called the state last week and it is a done deal - No prolonging it. Needless to say, Jill, Kelly and I are feeling a little stressed to get everything done as in writing all of the narratives, uploading all of the artifacts, and compiling all of the data, etc. We will be meeting as much as possible this week to get the documents completed and filed in the authenticated app. We will also be sending all of the paperwork / documentation to an administrator from Dodge City who has already been through the Year 5 accreditation process and see if she has any suggestions for us, notices anything we need to address or change, or if she sees any RED FLAGS! It will be a daunting two weeks. We have the pieces, but it is a matter of putting them all together. Keep your fingers crossed that the errors are kept to a minimum.

Educational Summit: I attended an education summit on Saturday with Alex Kajitani as the moderator. Some takeaways: What is your WHY? It is all about purpose. We have the ability to transform lives and that is a beautiful thing! Three things: As an educational community, we need to focus on the positive, especially right now in education with all of the negativity that surrounds us. Our kids need us NOW more than they ever have. It is all about mind shift. Make an effort to focus on what we can control. Finally, find a way to persevere and overcome! So as we move forward...What If? What Now? What Next? It is up to you. It is up to us.

Have a great week! Stay positive. Spring break is just around the corner! Kim