Speech is a requirement to graduate from South Gray High School so why not learn how to speak effectively in front of an audience? In this class, you will prepare and give several speeches to your classmates to get you ready for audiences outside this classroom.

    On this page, I have videos for you to reference. When would you need to watch them? If you have missed a video in class, be sure to check this page. I only use videos to benefit you to further explain and give examples.

Late Work: You will receive a 10% penalty for each day you are late, for up to three days. After three days I will not accept the assignment, period. 

If you are absent for an excused reason you will receive two days to make up your work. I will put in a zero in Powerschool until you make up your work.

Chapter 1 - Building Responsibility

Chapter 2 - Building Confidence

Chapter 3 - Listening

Chapter 5 - Interpersonal Communication

Chapter 4 - Nonverbal Communication

Chapter 6 - Interviewing