Library Policy

Circulation - 

All students are eligible for checkout unless they have lost or damaged the materials.  Checkout for the students will be handled during library times unless the classroom teachers designate another time.  The loan period will normally be for 1-2 week periods.  The classroom teacher will designate the number of materials that the student is able to checkout. For special request or situations, the LMS will allow more materials to be checked out.  Renewal may be made for an additional week period unless a waiting list has been established.  Overdue reports will be done according to each 9 - week period, this will include lost or damaged books.  If the book is not found by the end of the year, the student will be responsible for the replacement cost of the book.   The LMS reserves the right to make accommodations in the policy depending on individual circumstances. The LMS and Teacher’s Aide will maintain circulation of materials.  Reports will be run for the purpose of locating overdue materials.  The patron will be notified of the overdue materials every two weeks unless renewed, lost, or damaged.

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