Tech for Guest Presentations

This document will attempt to list the district technology available to guest presenters.

1. All TV’s and the New gym and portable projector have Apple TV’s connected to them. The easiest way to present is to connect to the Apple TV’s via Mac OS or IOS systems. If you are running a Windows system you can download and purchase AirParrot 2 .

2. Windows systems can connect to projectors using a VGA cable and an audio cable. The District has a 50’ VGA cable and 50’ audio cable that can be used in the new gym. If your Windows computer only has an HDMI port for screen sharing the new gym projectors can connect as long as you provide the 50” or longer HDMI cable.

3. All TV’s Can connect to laptop via HDMI or VGA-Audio cables.

4. The portable projector can only connect to Windows computers via VGA-Audio cables (See #1).

USD 371 Is required by law to use an internet filter. If you have websites that you need to visit, please give a list of the sites to the technology coordinator. He will attempt to make sure that they are not blocked by the filter during your visit.