Classroom Expectations

I am very EXCITED that you are in my class!  We are going to have a great year!

I have the greatest expectation for each of you.  We have lots of material to cover, so come each day ready to do your best.  Decide TODAY that you will be a SUCCESS in this class.

  1. Be prepared to learn every day. Bring your laptop, note taking paper, and pen or pencil. -If you forget something in your locker, you will have a choice to make. As long as it doesn't become a problem, you may take an unprepared tardy to go get your items. You will want to make sure you read the school tardy policy because tardies can add up quickly.

  2. ACT Prep-Warm Ups: There will be a problem, question, or observation each day when you enter the classroom. This "bell work" will focus on ACT prep and will most likely include a reading passage and graph to analyze. You are to answer or address the question or observation in a document immediately when you enter the room. You must type the date, question number, and answer. You will turn these warm-ups in randomly.

  3. Late work: I DO NOT accept late work! If you are conducting a lab with a partner, it is your responsibility to have a copy of the work on your own computer! If your partner is not present and the work is on his or her computer, you are still responsible for that assignment. AIRDROP! When an assignment is due, it is due! NO EXCEPTIONS! (This means you cannot turn it in later the same day!)

  4. Take Notes

  5. If you miss a day of school, it is your responsibility to get the make-up work. I will place a zero in the grade book for missing assignments. If your absence is excused, you will receive credit for the work as long as it is completed in a reasonable time frame. "Students will be granted two (2) school days for every day missed to make up their work following an excused absence."-Student Handbook

  6. Cheating results in an automatic zero. This is true on a 10 point quiz and a 200 point test. Life is full of choices!

  7. If you need extra help...ask!

  8. Cell phones- Your cell phone must be turned off and placed in the pink box in the back of the classroom. If your phone goes off during class, or you decide to use it without permission, you will receive a ZERO for ALL classwork during that period, even if it is an EXAM. *Make good choices.