8/24/17- What are you most looking forward to in this class?

8/25/17- What is a pendulum?

8/28/17 - What is meant by frequency?

8/29/17 - Why does a graph need labels?

8/30/17 - What is meant by AMPLITUDE?

8/31/17 - What is meant by the BOB?

9/1/17 - How does weight affect the pendulum?

9/5/17 - How does amplitude affect the pendulum?

9/6/17- If the pendulum on a clock it cycling too fast, what could you do to fix it?

9/7/17- When measuring the length of a pendulum, where should you measure on the bob?

9/8/17- What have you learned about pendulums?

9/11/17 - A pendulum swings left to right in 1 second.  What is its frequency in cycles/minute?  Show your calculations. 

9/12/17- A pendulum clock runs too slow.  What could you do?

9/13/17- A pendulum has a frequency of 45 cycles/minute.  What does this mean?

9/14/17- As you move higher on a swing, you move faster.  Does this mean you increase your frequency as well?  EXPLAIN!

9/15/17- What system of measurement is used in science?

9/19/17- How many centimeters in a meter?

9/20/17- Why is using a span (the width of your hand) or a fathom ( the length of your outstretched arms) not a "good" standard of measurement? 

9/21/17- Using the yard as a standard of measure, how long is a milliard?

9/22/17- Measure the diameter of a quarter as accurately as you can using a metric ruler.