2/23/18- What is the most common source of energy in the U.S.?

2/26/18- Where does coal come from?

2/27/18-Why did the U.S. switch from wood & coal as the main energy sources to oil and natural gas?

2/28/18- What do coal and natural gas have in common?

3/1/18-What are energy reservoirs?

3/2/18-What is surface mining?

3/5/18-What is hydropower?

3/6/18-What is thermal pollution? 

3/19/18-What are natural resources?

3/20/18-Give an example of two mineral resources.

3/21/18-What is copper used to make?

3/22/18- What is phosphate used to make?

3/23/18-What is the difference in physical and chemical weathering?

3/26/18-Describe igneous rock.

3/27/18-Describe sedimentary rock.

3/28/18-Describe metamorphic rock.

3/29/18-What is the earth's crust?