3/18/19-List 4 organelles and their functions.

3/20/19-What is the function of the mitochondria?

3/21/19-What is the difference in prokaryotes and eukaryotes?

3/25/19-What have you learned about cells?

3/28/19-What is ecology?

4/1/19-What does biotic mean?

4/3/19-What does abiotic mean?

4/4/19-What are some nonliving things that organisms need to live?

4/8/19-What is the beginning of all food chains?

4/10/19- Give an example of a food chain.

4/11/19-Give the name of an animal that is the top of the food chain.

4/15/19-What would happen if all the plants died?

4/18/19-Where does all your food come from?

4/24/19-What are the 5 kingdoms of organizations of organisms?

4/25/19-Which kingdom do humans belong to?

4/29/19-What kind of organisms have DNA?

5/2/19-What was your favorite lesson this year?