Student Responsibilities

  1. Once class has started students can use the restroom/water fountain only in emergencies or with consequences. If an emergency arises you have permission to leave.

  2. Do not touch any equipment/project in the science room that is not yours.

  3. Please do not tease animals that may be in the room.

  4. When the class starts a new unit, students will be given (vocally) an agenda for that week or subsequent weeks. Please write that schedule in your planner or subscribe to iCal calendar. If the schedule changes students will be notified at least one day in advance.

  5. When a test is scheduled, the test will be given/taken on that day. If a student is absent the day of the test, he/she is responsible for making it up the next scheduled class. If the student is absent a day before the test, the student will take the test on the scheduled day. If a student misses a retest without prior notification to me, the first test score will be entered into the grade book. If a student is absent for more than two days, class work missed will be completed as determined by the instructor (does not pertain to absences due to school activities/planned absences).

  6. When a student has forgotten class supplies, he/she may get them from their locker and a tardy will be turned in for that student if a student doesn’t have the necessary item they may borrow it (collateral).

  7. The only time a student is permitted to leave the classroom is when they have a pass from another instructor (if you have to make-up work in my class I will give you one). Do not ask me for a pass because you won’t get one! (extended studies)

  8. Please do not write on the desks.

  9. If you have completed your assignment for that day remain in your seat and find something quietly to do.

  10. When you are working on a lab/project absolutely no screwing around, if caught, a zero for all work will result.

  11. Lab partners will each turn in a lab report. Don’t use the excuse that your partner has your notes or data (if this does happen refer to #13).

  12. If you are caught cheating or if the teacher suspects you are cheating on homework, classwork, or tests, a zero will be given for that work. Screen captures of tests or quizzes or writing the questions on a piece of paper, are not allowed. You will receive a zero if images or copies of questions are found. No exceptions, no complaints!

  13. There is no grace period for work that is not turned in when due. If you do not have it, you will receive a zero for that work.

  14. The science store room and cupboards/drawers are off limits to all students unless permission is given by instructor.

  15. Never turn in an assignment in red ink. The assignment will not get credit.

  16. Always bring MacBook and science notebook to class.

  17. When a substitute teacher is teaching in my room you will have assigned seats (bulletin board).

  18. Cell Phones will be TURNED OFF and placed in the Pink Box. Any student in possession of a cell phone or whose cell phone disrupts class (without permissions of teacher) will receive a zero for all work that period.

  19. The instructor is not liable for theft, loss, or damage of any student device.

  20. New responsibilities can and probably will be added throughout the school year.

  21. There will and can be exceptions to the above responsibilities (except #12) depending on unforeseen circumstances.