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FACS Classroom Responsibilities

Be on Time
*Be in the classroom when the bell rings 

Be Prepared
*Bring required materials to class: 
-Pen & pencil (blue or black ink only)
-Notebook or folder for your homework (keep ALL graded assignments) 

Be Respectful
*Respect your teacher
-Ask for permission before leaving the classroom
-Do not talk while I am talking
-Do not use foul language in my classroom
-No cell phones 

*Respect your classmates
-Treat others the way you would want to be treated 

*Respect the school and the school’s property
-Destruction of property and/or equipment will not be tolerated 

(These rules are basic and are subject to change) 


Grading Scale
A = 90 - 100%
B = 80 - 89%
C = 70 - 79%
D = 60 - 69%
F = 59% and below 

 Grades are based on the following percentages: 
10% - Participation/Attendance Points
90% - Daily Work/Quizzes/Projects/Tests 

Participation/Attendance Points will be based on presence, coming to class on time, coming to class prepared, behavior, participating in classroom activities and discussion, and participating in group work. 

Unexcused absence = 0 out of 10 points for the day
Tardy= lose 3 out of 10 points for the day
Return to locker = lose 3 out of 10 points for the day
Behavior (Respecting the teacher and other students, asking permission to leave the room, etc.) = 

*1st warning = lose 5 out of 10 points for the day
*2nd warning = 0 out of 10 points for the day

Not participating in class or group work
*1st warning = lose 2 out of 10 points for the day

*2nd warning = lose 5 out of 10 points for the day

*3rd warning = 0 out of 10 points for the day 

Assignments missed due to absence: 
According to the student handbook, students have 2 days to make up any work missed due to illness. 

When a student absence occurs on a due date or a scheduled test date, the assignment will be due, and the test will be made up the day of return to class. 

Students are responsible for retrieving missed work. Check with your teacher. It is not the teacher’s responsibility to track you down! 

Late Work: 
Assignments are expected to be turned in at the beginning of the class period the day that they are due. 
Late work will be accepted for up to one week after the due date. There will be a 20% grade reduction on all late work. After one week, no credit will be given.