📣👩‍🍳Nellie, Frank, and Lenzi, and any students interested in culinary arts…I have set up time for you to visit with Ashlee Redger tomorrow at 3:00 in Mrs. Deges’ room! She is a South Gray alum working in culinary arts. Bring questions!!
3 months ago, Kim Batman
mixing bowl
SGJH Girls take home the “W” (vs. Kiowa Co.) 25-19 25-20
3 months ago, Cassandra Zweygardt
Copeland k-5 went to Pumpkin Paradise. We were able to learn about the different types of pumpkins and gourds that they grow. We got to go through the corn maze and pick our own pumpkin.
3 months ago, Angie Kisner
Parent guidelines for kids and social media…#icanhelp with Kim Karr
3 months ago, Kim Batman
parent guidelines
The South Gray Schools app is now live! Download it from the App Store!
3 months ago, Kim Batman
SGHS students: if you are interested in pursuing a degree at a trade school,see the scholarship attached. Great opportunity!
3 months ago, Kim Batman
SGHS League Volleyball Tournament bracket attached...
3 months ago, Kim Batman
vb bracket
*Menu Change* Tomorrow (10/6/2021) we will have Steak Fingers with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy.
3 months ago, Kelli Kinnamon
HSVB: 10/5, @ Meade PH was unable to come tonight so the quad turned into a Tri. Depart 3:00, Bus 15, Driver SK Here is the new order
3 months ago, Mark Applegate
HSCC: 10/4 @ Pratt This is the make-up meet from Thursday Depar: Copeland-11:45, Montezuma-12:00 #9 Van, and #7 Suburban
4 months ago, Mark Applegate
HSVB: Tue. 10/5, @ Meade Depart 2:45, Bus #12, Driver:SK
4 months ago, Mark Applegate
HSVB Meade
SGHS students: if you are needing a place to work on homework or get some help, Ms. Axtell will be in her room from 9:00-12:00 tomorrow morning! Also, those two of you who owe me detentions for tardies, you need to serve them tomorrow morning as well. 📚🔔
4 months ago, Kim Batman
Reminder: no school tomorrow! However, we do have athletes competing! The jH volleyball varsity team travels to Ashland and the JH/HS cross country team heads to Pratt! 🏐🏃‍♂️
4 months ago, Kim Batman
SGHS students: The first Sadie Hawkins Dance will be Saturday, November 6th from 7:30-10:00. Who is Sadie Hawkins? Sadie Hawkins was a character in a cartoon strip called Li'l Abner which was popular around the year 1937. Dances were held in which the women asked the men - thus evolved the Sadie Hawkins Dance.
4 months ago, Kim Batman
Sadie Hawkins
HSCC: I am so sorry, I posted that the Syracuse CC meet was cancelled for tomorrow, it is not. It is cancelled for South Gray. South gray will not be able to attend the meet. I am sorry for the confusion. A poor choice of words on my part.
4 months ago, Mark Applegate
HSFB: 10/1/21, @ Meade Game time is 7:00pm It is their homecoming @ 6:30 Meade will have a burgers and hotdogs feed before the game, and at half time. It will be a free will donation
4 months ago, Mark Applegate
Joe Coles and Jay Zehr were on the ground floor of this project that was started at least 5 years ago. It is expanding like crazy!l and is becoming a model shared around the state!
4 months ago, Kim Batman
Gilbert Peters at the next level! Wishing you good luck this year!! https://twitter.com/fhsutigerhoops/status/1443683196613312515?s=10
4 months ago, Kim Batman
Such a fun SGJH FB game to watch tonight vs. Ingalls. 36-6 (W)
4 months ago, Cassandra Zweygardt
Great Game boys!!
Thanks to the businesses that came today and shared! If your business would like to get involved, please call the office. We still have vocational, education, and health care left to present to students this year!
4 months ago, Kim Batman
American implement